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Mini caravan

Why should I purchase a mini caravan?


Having a trailer attached to your vehicle has never been so easy! Thanks to its compact size and light weight, our mini camper can be easily towed by any type of car or, in certain countries, even by a motorcycle.

Its other main advantage over large campers and motorhomes is that it can manage dirt roads, forest paths and rough terrain. Actually, it even has an off-road model.


Our company manufactures both mini caravans and the teardrop caravan model. The main differences between them are their shape and that one of our mini caravan models can sleep two children, as well as, the standard 2 adults.

Both types are designed ergonomically in order to maximize the amount of space available for passengers and storage.

The shape of the teardrop model dates back to the 1930’s, when it was highly popular in North America.


The main characteristic of the mini caravan is the fully equipped, covered outdoor kitchen accessible by opening the rear of the caravan. Thanks to the outdoor kitchen, the interior of the caravan remains odor- and steam-free, and the family no longer has to squeeze together inside the vehicle while preparing meals. Experienced caravans know how great grilling outdoors is, therefore, we have upgraded the experience by providing all the amenities necessary for your comfort.


This “excursion companion”, still relatively unknown in Hungary, but very popular abroad, provides comfort during fishing or hunting trips and other outdoor activities.

It can also be converted for hauling animals or motorcycles and for business purposes, as well.

Our product can be equipped with sun visors, awnings or large tents. The latter can function as a living and dining area right next to your mobile home.

The mini caravan can be considered as an eligible expense for certain businesses.

Mini caravans have almost all the features an average caravan or motorhome has, but are much more compact in size. IT makes life easier and offers more freedom.

Interested in the details?


The walls of the caravan are made of sandwich panels with a 3 cm thick layer of insulation within the panels. The outer layer is made of either plastic panels  or a more durable 3 mm aluminum-polyethylene composite paneling.

The structure includes a Dometic window built into the door, equipped with screens and blinds, as well as a skylight.

Thanks to their aerodynamic shape, our skylights are characterized by low noise levels even when traveling at high speed. They have a strong plastic structure  which makes them weather- and UV-resistant. They can be opened and closed from the inside using a lever. Fans attached to the skylights have multiple settings.

Caravans are optionally equipped with a convertible roof which can be opened to ensure a more comfortable and spacious interior living environment. The convertible roof is attached to the walls of the vehicle by a double-layered, insulated tarp. However, while on the move the convertible roof is compressed onto the top of the vehicle making it compact. Smaller structures with little air resistance can be towed by vehicles equipped with this type of roof.


The standard mini caravan has a practical sleeping area and an outdoor kitchen.

The sleeping area is equipped with a full-sized double bed (+2 beds for children), cabinets and LED lighting. For maximum comfort a TV and sound system can be optionally installed. The pleasant climate is provided by the thick insulation (as mentioned earlier) and the thermostatic roof fans attached to the skylight.

The furniture is designed to provide maximum storage space. The  cabinet doors are secured, as is typical in motorhomes, so that they do not open while the vehicle is in motion.

The kitchen area is accessible by opening the rear door. It includes built-in cabinets, shelves, a cold/hot water sink, a stove and an icebox or refrigerator.

An outdoor shower is also installed for your comfort during long trips and for camping in the wild.


The choice of materials is a key issue. The interior surfaces can be covered with either a combination of laminated particle board and soft upholstery or by wood. The latter is coated with several layers of varnish making it the ideal material for a beautiful and durable surface finish. Caravans with wood wall paneling radiate warmth and coziness and the furniture has a silky shine and are pleasant to touch.

Laminated furniture can also look quite pleasant. This material creates a cooler but more modern and elegant atmosphere within the vehicle.



Water system

The most important part of the water system is the fresh water container, the size of which depends on the size of the vehicle and the structure of the model. The container can be filled through an inlet fitted on the outside of the caravan.

A built-in pump sucks the water into the system, providing sufficient water for the kitchen and the outdoor shower. Hot water is provided by a 12V heating unit.

Waste water flows into a waste water container, which usually has the same capacity as the fresh water container. The waste water container can be emptied comfortably through a closed system.


The vehicle can be heated within a few minutes using a small heat gun.


  • TV, DVD, Stereo system